Our Menu Maker software makes it simple and affordable to personalize custom menu covers for local tastes

Our Menu Maker software allows users to create custom menu covers, wine menu covers and lists and more on an account-specific basis. Salespeople or local hospitality properties are able to select from a variety of backgrounds and recipes to create uniquely customized menus with the option of highlighting specific brands. The ability to customize the menus increases the life of their use while keeping your brand equity intact.

Advantages of using our Menu Maker software for custom menu covers and more:

  • Showcase different drink specials.
  • Bulk ordering of generic menus is no longer needed.
  • Account-specific logos can be embedded on the menu.
  • Ability to coordinate menus with promotions or special events.
  • Access to corporate recipe database with the option to add your own recipes.
  • Custom menus ready to ship within 48 hours.

Customized wine lists and menu covers can be ordered within a few clicks

Custom wine lists, custom menu covers, and other specialty items are critically important to many of our clients. Brandmuscle offers a fully integrated platform for customizing as well as producing menu covers, wine lists, and loose leaf binders. Our custom manufacturing capabilities include art design, typesetting, printing, heat sealing, sewing, case-bound or turned-edge construction bookbinding, die cutting, stamping, embossing or debossing, silk screening and embroidery. We produce virtually any type of product from simple A-frames, table tents, and check presenters to more elaborate and unique custom menu covers.

Fully integrating the manufacturing of custom menu covers and accessories into our DesignTracker® workflow management technology assures that orders are produced with the highest quality standards from the start of the quote to the delivery of the finished product. Moreover, the turnaround time of custom menu books is dramatically improved as a result of this integration.

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