Brandmuscle's online ad builder solution and local marketing platform: BrandBuilder®

Local customization and delivery of brand and legally compliant advertising for virtually any type of media has never been easier!

Trusted by leading brands within some of the most highly regulated industries, Brandmuscle’s local marketing platform and ad builder enables marketers to preserve brand integrity while empowering local affiliates to customize ads and marketing materials to better target and reach local audiences.

BrandBuilder®, our local marketing platform and online ad builder solution features sophisticated rules and database-driven templates to ensure brand, legal and pricing standards are maintained while giving your local affiliates the flexibility to customize materials to ensure the right product, offer and visuals are delivered via the right media channel to the right audience at the right time.

Customize and execute your marketing campaigns using BrandBuilder®, our local marketing platform and ad builder solution.

Brandmuscle’s ad builder and local marketing platform delivers a consistent and intuitive workflow for customizing virtually any type of traditional or digital media including:


Local customization and delivery of advertising is easy using brand-approved templates:

Ad builder software from Brandmuscle

Affiliates are guided through an easy 3 step workflow process to quickly locate, customize and deliver local advertisements and marketing materials.

Key features of Brandmuscle’s BrandBuilder®:

  • Intuitive and identical workflow for customizing any type of media
  • Sophisticated user access controls and security measures
  • Logos, addresses, QR codes, maps, headshots, etc., can be pre-populated into templates based on user credentials
  • Ability to save, archive and search for ads and assets
  • Dynamic resizing
  • Disproportionate resizing
  • Approval workflows and escalation processes
  • Integrated co-op
  • Integrated print-on-demand
  • Sophisticated reports and dashboards to track usage, logins and performance
  • Robust rendering engine and large preview pane to view materials during the customization process
  • Centralized management of marketing assets
  • Ability to import, purchase or manage mailing lists

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Benefits of our BrandBuilder® local marketing platform
  • Lower operating costs
    Automate delivery of local marketing. Eliminate “one-off” production costs and inefficient ad review and approval processes.
  • Speed-to-market
    Launch new campaigns in minutes rather than weeks.
  • Higher ROMI
    Generate more relevant and meaningful versions and quantities of content.
  • Greater control
    Control marketing assets and messaging while eliminating mistakes.
  • Better measurement
    Greater insight into local marketing activity and performance.

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