Sophisticated dashboards and scorecards deliver
real-time information to facilitate real-time
decisions about your channel marketing investments

Information is power. Understanding how your promotional spending influences your business is critical. We offer a wide variety of analytical solutions and support to help you manage your channel marketing efforts. Our web based marketing solutions range from traditional reporting and customized Data Warehouses to our groundbreaking Dashboard and Scorecard solutions. Our Dashboards and Scorecards, combined with our SalesSource and DemandDriver solutions, offer “real-time” results which facilitate “real-time” decision making. We offer both standard and customized solutions. Let us deliver one for you.

Extensive reports for monitoring program effectiveness metrics


Brandmuscle offers an extensive suite of web based marketing solutions and online reports which allow you to monitor the utilization and effectiveness of your programs. With easy online access, your entire channel can benefit from access to their appropriate reports and information which can help them maximize the effectiveness of local spending, gain market share and increase brand awareness. Traditional reports feature a variety of filters and sorting options which allow users to target specific data, such as date ranges, product lines, regions, markets, sales territories and programs/budgets. Hierarchical access to the system and data is tightly controlled ensuring users can access only the data they are authorized to view. Brandmuscle will customize this hierarchy and filtering capabilities to match your organization structure and needs.


Powerful features for pulling targeted data:

  • Easy-to-use online menu and filters
  • Exportable formats
  • Chart and/or data output
  • Detailed and summary versions
  • Sorting and subtotaling features
  • Dashboard with key summary charts
  • Filters and parameter selections
  • Customizable reports

Channel Marketing Analytics & Reports

Extensive reports library to meet every need:

  • Dealer/partner statements
  • Expenditure by media (activity type)
  • Expenditure by product (brand/model)
  • Disbursement details
  • Balance reconciliation
  • Direct deduct/turnkey solution order details
  • Utilization and effectiveness metrics
  • Fund expiration
  • Accrual/sales data details
  • Ad feature/promotion details
  • Audit discrepancy metrics
  • Planned vs. executed comparisons
  • Call center metrics
  • Site usage and resource download metrics

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Dashboard convenience with powerful performance metrics

Brandmuscle’s Advanced Analytics Dashboard raises the bar on reporting solutions by providing a focused view of key partner business metrics as they correlate to your business goals. The Analytics Dashboard provides a visual indicator of overall partner sales and related program activity to corporate users, but also allows for specialized views that can be viewed by channel users. We customize our groundbreaking dashboard to your specific programs, product families and partner goals.

Dashboard charts show current activity, prior period activity and trends of key indicators. If thresholds are meaningful, the tool can color data so that you can easily spot information, such as leaders and trailers within the channel. Once patterns of success are spotted, data can be cross-referenced to see if specific advertising and/or incentive program dynamics may be contributing to that success, such as a specific type of direct marketing campaign or the use of a specific incentive to drive partner performance.

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Say goodbye to yesterday’s news with a Brandmuscle scorecard

Brandmuscle’s Scorecard, and automated processes, allows key managers and partners in your channel to understand where they stand “real time” relative to established sales goals and earnings. Capable of handling multiple data feeds and complex performance calculations, we bring to the table a very streamlined and quality-focused Scorecard aggregation of the total support you provide across the entire spectrum of programs. Utilizing graphic displays and visual indicators, we report key performance activity, program goals, product mix, sales and growth figures.

Partners can focus (or refocus) their efforts, and/or the manufacturer can adjust strategy, in time to impact the current month or quarter’s performance. The enhanced analytics and tools also improve communication across your organization. The Scorecard solution is scalable at multiple levels, allowing analysis to be completed at the partner level or in aggregate. The tool provides a visual indicator of key performance activity. It graphically displays progress toward program goals, such as product sales, product mix and growth.

Brandmuscle’s experienced technology and system designers have a successful track record using automation to compile data and perform complex calculations from multiple programs and sources that save time and money over the long term.

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OLAP for advanced data mining with rapid execution

Brandmuscle databases are configured for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) using a multi-dimensional data model, allowing for complex analytical and ad hoc queries with a rapid execution time. The multi-dimensional OLAP, or “slice-and-dice” capability, allows you to analyze the audit/verification process, produce reports/charts, and make fact-based decisions involving your marketplace and your programs. We take the burden away to help you swiftly pull multi-dimensional analytical queries and perform data mining. Typical applications of OLAP include business reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, and similar areas.

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Brandmuscle reporting solutions:

Powerful reporting systems to help turn your data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into action:

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