Integrated co-op marketing

Brandmuscle combines creative customization, local marketing program execution and co-op funding into a single integrated platform, making it easier than ever for franchisees, dealers and distributors to participate in your co-op marketing and advertising program. Pre-approved ad templates make it possible for channel partners to create and run ads that are guaranteed to be 100% co-op compliant, streamlining approval and tracking processes and taking the guesswork and frustration out of advertising at the local level.

Key benefits of integrated co-op marketing:

With Brandmuscle, channel partners can create pre-approved ads and submit them for immediate co-op funding reimbursement from within a single application.

  • Extend the reach and frequency of national advertising.
  • Improve the quality of retail level advertising.
  • Drive retailer behavior to match corporate strategy.
  • Create and approve content in one place.
  • Manage both the marketing and financial aspects of your co-op program seamlessly.

Brandmuscle’s integrated co-op management solution provides a seamless platform for effectively managing the full spectrum of channel marketing and incentive programs, including:

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