Creating coupons for local marketing is easy with our Coupon Creator solution

Coupon Creator eliminates the traditional processes involving multiple information hand-offs, arcane procedures and extended turnaround time. IRC, UPC and Bar Coding with offer codes, values and expiration dates are all built into the Coupon Creator distributed marketing software ensuring not only timeliness to market, but complete corporate compliance. This local marketing service offering is available on demand with dynamically generated bar codes for everything your redemption house needs to know about the offer, as well as redemption codes and legal requirements to process the coupon.

Advantages of using our Coupon Creator distributed marketing software:

  • Corporate can dictate a list of standards that the coupon must meet before it is produced.
  • These standards can vary by the state where the coupon will be offered and the brand featured.
  • A coupon approved for multiple states will allow the field to distribute to the multiple locations all at once, making distribution easier.
  • Corporate and legal compliance coupled with on-demand speed to market provides for a compelling business model.

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