DesignTracker® allows you to efficiently manage local marketing and in-house graphics activity

A large percentage of on-and-off premise marketing materials are designed and produced locally by distributors or branches. This business workflow is plagued by a lack of cost controls, minimal compliance with branding guidelines, and inferior production capability.

Brandmuscle has leveraged design expertise, investment in cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art production capabilities to revolutionize this antiquated workflow. We call it DesignTracker.

The DesignTracker local marketing automation software automates the entire workflow, including request order submission, approvals, design, production and fulfillment of marketing materials and in-store/POP with complete transparency. DesignTracker automates the supplier recovery and billing process while providing complete reporting and transparency into local marketing activity and ROI.

DesignTracker drives the shift of marketing dollars away from wasteful and generic national materials to targeted, localized on-demand design and production.

Features & Benefits of the DesignTracker Local Marketing Automation Software Application:

  • Automated online approval processes allow managers to approve jobs based on project cost analysis
  • Reduces operating costs, manual labor and errors while increasing speed and accuracy of supplier billback recovery
  • Customizable reporting including brand mentions, salesperson activity and supplier recovery so you can view share and trend comparisons

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Key benefits of our distributed local marketing platform
  • More integrated and scalable local marketing
    We’ll tailor our distributed marketing solutions to meet your needs and serve as a strategic partner in growing your business.

  • Faster ROI
    Our quick start program makes it easy (for you and your affiliates) to get up and running quickly.

  • Less risk
    We’re local marketing experts. We execute local marketing programs for over 100 of the world’s leading brands and over 400,000 local affiliates.

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