Execute targeted local direct mail campaigns using Brandmuscle’s direct mail tools

Using our complete suite of direct mail tools, local affiliates can execute brand-compliant targeted direct mail campaigns to generate leads, reinforce brand loyalty and complement other marketing initiatives. Brandmuscle integrates list rental and management, creative approvals and full variable data printing (VDP) into one seamless workflow that takes local affiliates minutes, rather than days to create and execute fully personalized, targeted direct mail campaigns.

Advantages of our ad builder for your direct mail campaigns include:

  • Affiliates can rent a mailing list, upload a mailing list, manage their existing contact list,
    or select recipients from a personal address book or corporate mailing list.
  • Mailing lists can be easily segmented using a variety of demographic and geographic filters.
  • CASS certification, De-Dupe and NCOA maintenance measures are integrated into the platform to ensure maximum delivery and cost savings.
  • Track order status within the platform.

Local affiliates are guided through the process to customize and execute direct mail campaigns using brand-approved templates.

Ad Builder: Direct Mail Advertising Solutions

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