An all-in-one platform for distributed local marketing

Brandmuscle delivers an all-in-one distributed marketing platform for managing, executing and tracking your local marketing campaigns with unprecedented speed, simplicity and accuracy, we call it BrandBuilder® .

With our distributed marketing platform, we help marketers strike the balance between corporate governance with the intent of protecting brand standards, and the need for local affiliates (stores, agents, dealers, franchisees, sales reps, resellers) to create the most relevant, compelling and timely local messaging. We do this by providing your local affiliates with easy to use tools and professional services to create and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns on-demand. This results in increased revenue, reduced advertising costs and greater efficiency across your marketing supply chain.

A seamless distributed local marketing management solution

Brandmuscle's BrandBuilder® platform combines ad builder, print on demand, local media planning and buying and co-op management into one seamless, centralized distributed local marketing platform and consistent user experience. This eliminates the need for marketers to invest in separate, disjointed systems to execute effective multi-channel marketing programs at the local-level.

Everything you need to own local is right here:

Preserve and build brand equity with our easy-to-use ad builder and marketing asset management solution.

BrandBuilder® gives your local affiliates the flexibility they need to securely access your marketing assets and to customize or co-brand traditional advertising, in-store POP, and digital marketing campaigns.

Ad Builder | Marketing Asset Management

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Generate local demand with our easy-to-use suite of tools and services for local online marketing.

Streamline operational processes and simplify marketing engagement for your local affiliates.

Automated approval loops, notifications and role-based security measures give marketers control while reducing cycle time.

Campaign automation tools enable local affiliates to opt-into brand-approved marketing campaigns that will run automatically for them.

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Maximize the return on your local affiliates marketing investments.

Our local marketing strategists and buyers work one-on-one with your local affiliates to develop local marketing plans, identify the best tactics, negotiate discounted rates, and expedite co-op claim submissions.

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Integrated POD and fulfillment options provide your local affiliates with a convenient one-stop shopping experience. Within our platform items can be customized, ordered and paid for in just a few clicks - whether printed or promotional.

In-Store POP & Kitting
Menu Books & Covers

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Streamline program administration and increase channel partner engagement.

Brandmuscle provides an integrated suite of services, web-based tools and strong financial controls for managing the full spectrum of channel marketing and incentive programs.

Co-op & Marketing Fund Management
MDF Fund Management
Sales Incentives & SPIFFs
Loyalty Programs
Reports, Dashboards & Scorecards

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Get the support you need to execute more effective local marketing programs.

At Brandmuscle, we believe in doing "whatever it takes" to become your trusted local marketing partner - not just another vendor. We provide strategic guidance, ongoing training, and personalized one-on-one marketing support for your local affiliates.

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Measure the return on your local and channel marketing investments like never before!

Brandmuscle provides a suite of reports and dashboards that can be accessed within the BrandBuilder® platform, on-demand 24/7.

Corporate marketers gain a holistic view of local affiliate activity and local affiliates can measure the success of their own campaigns.

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Whether you are switching from another provider or launching a distributed marketing management platform for the first time, Brandmuscle makes the process easy!

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Key benefits of BrandBuilder®, our distributed marketing management platform

  • More integrated and scalable local marketing
    We’ll tailor our distributed marketing management solutions to meet your needs and serve as a strategic partner in growing your business.

  • Faster ROI
    Our quick start program makes it easy (for you and your affiliates) to get up and running quickly.

  • Less risk
    We’re local marketing experts. We execute local marketing programs for over 100 of the world’s leading brands and over 400,000 local affiliates.

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