Equip your channel partners with the necessary tools for success

Offering a robust set of features, easy “one-click” access to resources, powerful integration options, and time-saving workflow automation features, Brandmuscle brings down the fence keeping your channel partners from acquiring the right tools to sell your products. Choose from best-in-class integrated solutions using Brandmuscle’s pre-integrated vendors or a vendor of your choice, or ask about our powerful E-Commerce solution which provides a single-shopping-cart store experience for multiple vendor-fulfilled content.

Our channel program portals provide your partners with the ultimate in one-stop shopping for all your program fulfillment needs. Utilizing robust web services and single sign-on (SSO) schemas, we take the hassle out of searching for, ordering and downloading program-related materials.

Powerful filters and content management controls guide your channel members to the appropriate resources for their business profile and channel responsibility. Automated processes remove inefficient and error-prone manual entries.

Single-checkout convenience for your partner marketing materials

All the sales and marketing collateral your channel requires is made available through a single-checkout experience utilizing our Sales Solutions Store. Our online store consolidates the SKUs across all your specialized fulfillment vendors, making it a one-stop shopping market for your partners. Users order materials conveniently, using either their program funds and/or credit card for purchases, or submit orders for further approval. Our Sales Solutions Store provides an effective facility for your partners to get what they need to furnish their storefronts and drive demand.

Convenient single-checkout process consolidating multiple fulfillment-vendor shopping carts provides a one-stop shopping experience with the convenience of direct deduct payment from program funds:

  • Direct deduct payment
  • Pay by credit card or program funds or both
  • Multi-vendor consolidation
  • Kitting
  • Specialized program rules handling
  • Flexible accounting interface

Limitless possibilities for organizing your channel marketing materials deliver a flexible online store from which you can deliver the following and more to your channel:

  • Promotional products
  • Store signage
  • Fixtures
  • Appearance models
  • Literature
  • Print–on-demand items
  • Apparel and premiums
  • Demo products

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Full-service media buying services

Group and Local Media Planning and Media Buying Services are supported using a time-saving online interface and a flexible budgeting system to provide local marketing group managers a time-saving way to plan and execute both group and local marketing campaigns.

The group module allows local managers to quickly customize brand-compliant creative, tag them with participating dealer/retailer locations and, importantly, easily submit the media order to our team of marketing specialists, who complete the complex process of media buying on your behalf. Group opportunities are communicated and posted allowing individual partners to sign up and participate using co-op funds, and the calendar feature provides a snapshot view of past, current and future activities.

Our media teams will negotiate rates and complete media placements on your behalf while proactively bringing you good opportunities and suggestions, such as color and positioning opportunities to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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Say goodbye to expensive collateral inventories

In today’s retail environment, a powerful way to stand out and be noticed is through customized print tailored for the location, seller or campaign. Items such as the seller’s logo will be incorporated onto the piece, whether it be a poster, banner, window cling or any other type of printed material, as well as a custom message that addresses the community or a special event.

Our print-on-demand service will assure corporate brand and legal compliance while giving your field teams flexibility to make an impact at the point of sale – all within a quick 48-hour or less print time, and the ability to order from only one piece, if needed, to thousands!

Our print–on-demand suite of software includes a large variety of print material templates – customizable online or via concierge customer service:

  • Program manager software that gives the flexibility to send out items to stores for a campaign while realizing long-run print pricing
  • High-quality print within a turnkey solution using in-house printing and high-quality assurance

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Digital and on-demand media solutions

How you market your business is changing and evolving at light speed. The shifts from traditional to digital media need to be part of your corporate and channel partner’s marketing strategy. To meet this need, we have put together a Digital Media Fulfillment Center which offers your channel partners a brand/program-compliant turnkey service that provides the following features:

  • Training and Education
  • Videos with tips, tricks, insights and opinions on interactive media, webinars, blog posts, forums and groups, and white papers
  • Reputation Management
  • Search terms relevant to your brand, company and industry. Receive alerts via email/RSS when specified search term hits occur. Receive reports with sentiment tagging (negative, positive and neutral)
  • Video Customization and Distribution
  • Brand-approved video for web templates with partner customization tags
  • Digital Signage
  • Push your digital content to advertising mediums ranging from photo-frame-sized in-store displays up to large-format displays in ad networks. No paper costs, quick updatability and the ultimate in content control
  • Social Media/Marketing Development
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/LinkedIn – Everything you need to get started, from creating a profile for your business to attracting and increasing fans/followers, content farming and distributions, external click ads, and results reporting
  • Landing Page and Promotion Builder
  • Automated creation of one-page landing sites, choice of several brand-approved templates, customizable by partners, social media-friendly and integrated content/offers by partner, call-to-action form, and results reporting
  • Hyper-Targeted Banner Ads
  • Delivers repetitive banner ads to partner target market (based on type, offer, how long, etc.) and provides integration with landing page
  • Interactive Print Ads
  • Production and placement service for social media-friendly and integrated content
  • Website Hosting
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Fulfills mobile promotions (SMS or email) with mobile-friendly landing pages and list management
  • Email Marketing
  • Production and fulfillment service for email promotions and list acquisition
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO review, ranking for keywords and results reporting

Need to get your dealers up on the Internet? We provide dealer website support with a tie-in to your product catalog. This approach gives you control over product imaging/descriptions, brand identity and pricing – yet allows each dealer to customize, within established parameters, their dealer-specific content, special offers and eligible product catalog.

Our turnkey website platform allows manufacturers to present products directly to consumers from their websites, but transfers the sale to authorized dealers for the final purchase – avoiding channel conflict. Here is an example of how this system works: Starting from the manufacturer’s site, the consumer researches and selects the product they wish to purchase. They add it to the shopping cart on the manufacturer’s site.

When they are ready to check out, they are prompted for local information, such as a ZIP code, then are presented with a list of dealers nearby. The customer simply selects a dealer from the list, and their order is transferred from the manufacturer’s site to the retailer’s site for the rest of the checkout process to occur.

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