Turn static brochures into page-flipping experiences with Brandmuscle’s e-brochure customization tools

Using Brandmuscle’s ad builder, local affiliates can easily create engaging, highly personalized, interactive electronic brochures. Designed to be viewed on the web or on mobile devices, electronic brochures allow affiliates to communicate with customers and prospects in a very innovative way.

Advantages of using our ad builder to create electronic brochures:

  • A cost-effective alternative to static print brochures; electronic brochures eliminate the need for expensive reprinting.
  • Affiliates can easily showcase the products and services that are most relevant to the recipient.
  • A mass expiration feature allows corporate marketers to terminate links to all electronic brochures that were created from a specific template. This is especially helpful when legal copy changes or promotional offers expire.

Affiliates personalize e-brochures by customizing brand-approved templates.

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