Execute more effective local email marketing campaigns

Odds are that email marketing has been behind many of your most successful corporate marketing initiatives, but translating those benefits to your local affiliates can seem like an impossible, if not outright scary, task.

With Brandmuscle’s local marketing automation solution, corporate marketers can provide local affiliates with a powerful way to grow their businesses using local email marketing. Corporate marketers remain in control of the brand, legal requirements, content and frequency of email sends, while affiliates gain a fast and effective way to generate more personalized and relevant messages.

Advantages of using our ad builder and local marketing automation solution  to execute local email marketing campaigns:

  • Establish global compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Ensure effortless opt-out management and controls.
  • Sophisticated reporting and dashboards allow corporate marketers and local affiliates to track usage and campaign performance.
  • Create automated approval processes and workflows.
  • Affiliates upload a list of recipients, select recipients from an address book or corporate mailing list.
  • Requires no HTML programming experience.
  • Powerful, low-cost tactic for generating leads and communicating with customers.
  • Emails can be sent immediately or scheduled for future release.

Affiliates can easily customize brand-approved email templates to create local email marketing campaigns that comply with brand standards and legal regulations.

Local email marketing campaign from Brandmuscle.

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