Local media planning and buying

Maximize the impact of your local marketing investments by partnering with Brandmuscle for local media planning and buying, placement and delivery.

For local affiliates who don’t have experience with local media planning and buying, the complexities of the media-buying process can be overwhelming. In most cases, local affiliates are busy business owners or managers, not marketing experts. Brandmuscle’s team of local marketing specialists, planners and buyers help your local affiliates identify the best local marketing tactics and help them execute more effective local campaigns.

Brandmuscle’s media center offers the following services:

  • Targeted media plans tailored to your affiliates’ individual budgets.
  • Placement assistance with a variety of media tactics, including traditional advertising, direct mail, door hanger distribution, billboards, TV, radio, online, etc.
  • Negotiated discounted rates.
  • Single or multiple location planning.
  • Local market research.
  • Existing media plan and proposal review.
  • Creative selection and ad building assistance.
  • Proof of published material.
  • Invoicing and co-op submitted on your behalf.

Why choose Brandmuscle for local media planning and buying?

  • Ability to easily deliver advertising direct to publications.
  • Continuous tracking to measure local marketing ROI with robust reporting.
  • Better ROI on co-op investments.

An example of the cost benefits achieved working with Brandmuscle’s media team:

Our goal is to achieve the greatest value for each dollar invested, so your local stakeholders can buy MORE local media that will drive MORE local sales.

Learn how to own local.
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Key benefits of using Brandmuscle’s local media services
  • Guarantee wiser local spending
  • More effective use of co-op
  • Stretch local marketing ad dollars
  • Immediate co-op reimbursement

Success stories
  • Brandmuscle helps local dealer generate 15 new sales in 2 ½ weeks with direct mail campaign

  • Brandmuscle negotiates savings of $19,860 on a local print ad campaign

  • Brandmuscle helps local stakeholder increase sales by 10% and save $17,820 on a local radio campaign

  • "The team at Brandmuscle has made my life so much easier. They understand what our needs are, negotiate the marketing costs with vendors, help with the creative work and file all the co-op payment paperwork for me. I have a professional marketing group on my staff allowing me to do what I do best - manage my agency!" – Local Insurance Agent

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