Local affiliates can create brand-compliant websites, microsites and landing pages within minutes

A successful local online marketing program requires an effective balance of online and offline communications. Brandmuscle makes it possible for corporate marketers to empower local affiliates, business-to-business sales reps and field marketing teams with an easy way to create and publish local websites, microsites and landing pages that comply with national brand standards and legal regulations.

Advantages of using our ad builder to create local websites and landing pages:

  • Update content once (promotions, pricing, images, products) and publish across all your local sites and webpages automatically.
  • Local websites, microsites and landing pages are powerful click-thru destinations for maximizing integrated local marketing programs and other lead-generation programs, such as paid search, online advertising, electronic brochures and email marketing campaigns.
  • Embed lead capture forms onto webpages and trigger automated lead notification emails to affiliates.
  • Automated reporting allows both corporate marketers and local affiliates to capture lead activity and measure performance.
  • Approval processes and workflows are fully automated.

Local online marketing is easy with Brandmuscle. Local affiliates are guided through an easy step-by-step process to customize brand-approved templates to create and publish local websites, microsites or promotional landing pages.

Ad Builder: Microsite and Landing Page Solutions

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Local website features
  • Consistent online brand presence
  • Immediately publish content updates across all local sites
  • Triggered lead generation notifications
  • Local SEO
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • No HTML programming experience or IT resources required

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