Fast, complete and affordable loyalty solutions

For your loyalty program members, our local marketing platform translates into accurate and easy-to-access statements, good visibility and communications regarding current promotions and special offers, and easy-to- use online tools. For your staff, it means access to reports that provide real-time visibility and intelligence concerning your programs, and easy-to-use interfaces for reviewing and updating member and transactional information. Brandmuscle loyalty software is inherently flexible and easy to customize to meet your needs. New promotions and special offers are deployed very quickly.

A different approach to loyalty programs

We bring to the table a very effective solution for managing points-based programs with unique benefits:

  • Very cost-effective solutions
  • Flexibility – systems and processes are tailorable to your needs
  • Focus on high customer service levels and dedicated focus teams
  • Tier-1 equipment and rock-solid databases, like Oracle RDBMS, secure client servers and networks, and heavy attention to all facets of security
  • Much lower-risk option than custom in-house development
  • Quick turnaround and no surprise fees
  • Reasonable development and maintenance rates – often included in base fees

Key features:

  • Real-time member account and balance information
  • Easy enrollment options via live web service interfaces
  • Detailed information capture
  • Flexible points management allowing you to expire and/or reinstate based on program terms or customer service reasons
  • Communications and alerts
  • Select from a variety of maintenance and update options for transactional update needs
  • Easy-to-use-and-learn menu for reports and maintenance tasks
  • Flexible rules-based program maintenance tables facilitate fast-to-market programs and point calculations, such as bonuses, double points, origin/destination-based, and other partner programs
  • Security, hierarchy and controls
  • Report queries for information are intuitive and provide a variety of search and filtering options for finding member data quickly
  • Redemptions are made with strict accounting by FIFO, ensuring oldest points are used for member rewards
  • Integration and data interfaces

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