Brandmuscle offers channel marketers a variety of settlement options and payment solutions for their partner incentive programs

Timely, accurate and efficient fulfillment of your business incentive programs is critical to its success. Our PerformancePay System provides the framework to reward your customers for their performance, accurately and on time. Our incentive management provides an automated, electronic process for claim submission (where necessary), program compliance and performance validation. Our process ensures all aspects of the program terms are executed and the desired results are achieved, prior to rewarding your partner.

Through our incentive management program, we offer a wide variety of payment choices based upon the type of program and your goals. Our payment settlement options include cash, credit, debit and gift cards. We also offer coupon and merchandise fulfillment solutions. We work with you to determine the most effective fulfillment vehicle for your businessincentive program.

Brandmuscle features a number of innovations in claim payment settlement, including numerous domestic and international banking options, and today we offer a full suite of settlement alternatives to our clients. With Brandmuscle, you can choose to either outsource the entire accounts payable process or have us feed program-related payment data directly into your existing accounts payable system.

Payment options include credit memos, checks, direct deposit, wire transfers, points, debit cards and simple adjustments/deductions, or combinations of these solutions, to meet particular needs. We understand that rebates, co-op marketing, MDF, SPIFF, loyalty, commissions and so on have unique needs and may span various channels important to the supply chain. Having a variety of settlement options available will help keep your partner incentive programs running smoothly and, most importantly, keep your channel partners focused on selling your product.

Payment methods are predefined by the unique program, by recipient’s profile, or established during the audit of each transaction. Reimbursement rules for handling partial payments or tiered reimbursement levels are easily configured in our system. If your program is deduction-based, we can set up a customized deduction management interface to identify, match and settle deductions in a timely manner.

The Brandmuscle transaction system has robust duplicate preventative measures which both instantly alert auditors of potential duplicate transactions and provide pre-settlement report summaries with potential matching records. This double detection system ensures the prevention of duplicate payments – translating into savings for our clients.

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