Sales incentive programs & SPIFFs: Engage channel partners in generating demand and closing sales

Our SalesSource sales incentive programs and SPIFF incentive solutions are designed specifically to help you achieve your sales goals. Whether you are interested in driving specific product sales, achieving growth and revenue targets, pursuing new customer acquisitions, or managing your sales pipeline, we have the solution for you. Our unique offerings allow you to structure your incentive program to meet your business objectives. Our SalesSource sales incentive programs and solutions focus on “paying for performance” which ensures that your promotional spending will provide results. We provide both standard and custom solutions predicated on your business needs.

Product emphasis

Our product emphasis program is a sales-based incentive focused on specific product sales. This offering is used to achieve multiple goals, such as support a product launch, motivate sales of your most profitable products, or help you reduce inventory.

The sales incentive program and solution can be designed to pay at the product-unit level, or based upon achieving a sales target. It can be configured to motivate sales at any, and all, levels of your distribution channel – all the while, only paying for performance, ensuring a return on your investment.

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Providing sales incentive programs and solutions to sync all levels of your distribution and partner networks with a common goal for optimizing business growth.

All businesses establish goals. Many times those goals are focused on business volumes and growth. Our tools allow you to ensure that your distribution channel is in sync with, and motivated to pursue, your business goals. Our solutions allow you to establish targets at all levels of your distribution network. Once deployed, the entire organization will be in “lockstep” and pursuing the same goals. Our team will monitor performance and ensure that the program participants are rewarded for their achievements.

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New customer acquisition

The ability to attract and retain new customers is integral to any business. Our New Customer Acquisition programs focus on this critical area of your sales strategy. Our solution motivates your channel sales network to find, cultivate and close new business opportunities. We provide the online tools and/or back office support to qualify potential new customer opportunities. We also ensure that your channel is rewarded when the cycle is complete and results are achieved.

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Deal registration

Understanding your sales pipeline is critical to the sales process. Our tools, and team, help you track and evaluate sales opportunities. This allows you to focus on taking the action necessary to close those deals and achieve your desired sales results. We manage the process; you manage the results.

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Providing unique customized rebate tools and services that provide sales results, engage the customer and build loyalty.

Rebates provide marketers with a proven tactic for generating sales lift, and when properly communicated and executed, they offer an effective means to engage customers and build brand loyalty. Brandmuscle will help you quickly deploy custom rebate programs ranging from the simplest to highly complex structures – effectively driving targeted product sales.

We provide innovative ways to manage rebate fulfillment and processing. Most rebates target the sale of individual items to the end consumer, but don’t offer the ability to reward a total purchase based on profit margins throughout your entire distribution channel. Our rebate solution technology and consulting approach will help you do just that, allowing you to configure rebates with multi-distribution layers, complex variables, tiered rebate levels, trade-in offers, variable product/system combinations, bundled offers, co-branded offers, and margin-dependent calculations.

Our web-based rebate portals provide a full range of features, including rebate status look-ups, real-time reporting, and online submission forms with validation built in (for address, promotion date, serial number and product model).

Information captured on a rebate is customized to your needs and is summarized by week, month and the entire rebate period. You will quickly see trends and measure participation levels. We offer instant credit/coupons processing at point of sale or payment by check, gift cards and fulfillment so you can easily tailor your rebate for a specific audience. Check escheatment services are also available or we will transmit the information to your internal departments.

Rebates handled incorrectly can have a negative impact on your bottom line or on a customer’s impression of your brand. We service our client rebates with our unmatched proactive approach in communication and customer service with the utmost focus on accuracy. Unlike many service providers, we provide end consumers access to customer service and will proactively help your customers, ensuring your brand and reputation is not negatively impacted. Our rebate processes and systems are SAS70-certified with strict bank management policies and robust fraud and duplicate preventative measures built in. We will even validate product purchases down to the individual serial number when possible. These controls are designed to protect your investment.

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Providing SPIFF solutions and services to increase sales and brand loyalty from your channel partner sales associates.

Sales incentive programs, often referred to as ”SPIFF” programs, are an effective tactic for increasing sales and encouraging brand loyalty from your dealer’s sales associates. Sales incentives are particularly effective in stores offering competing brands, especially when your brand is putting awards directly into the pockets of the sales associates. Our sales incentiv program offers the ability to create SPIFFs  that engage your entire channel, from distributors and dealers down to the individual sales associate.

An online portal gives participating sales representatives easy access to enrollment, account earnings and redemption information, sales reporting, and program-related terms. Award options include merchandise, travel, debit card and any of the traditional cash payment options. The training module hosts product training with the capability of offering bonus points for successfully completing the product training. A full suite of reporting is available for Corporate and Field Managers, and we offer year-end tax reporting for 1099-MISC (IRS), T4A (CRA) and RL-1 (Revenu Quebec) slip filings. The Brandmuscle incentive program is supported by our dedicated staff managing program-related communications.

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