Social media management tools for distributed marketers

Monitoring and supporting the social media marketing activities of hundreds or thousands of local affiliates has become a major challenge for national brands. Maintaining brand consistency of local pages and posts can be daunting. Yet, social media is still an inexpensive and effective channel for your brand affiliates to connect with consumers and reinforce brand loyalty where it matters most—at the local level.

Our brand management and social media solutions for franchises and distributed marketing organizations give you the technology, content and expert support you need to make the most of local social media.

A distributed social media solution perfect for any industry or vertical

With Brandmuscle’s social media marketing automation tools, corporate marketers can empower affiliates with an easy way to create brand-approved social media posts and leverage corporate-provided content by opting-in to automated posting streams. By sharing branded, local and trending content, your local affiliates can represent your brand on social media in and engaging way. Plus, Brandmuscle’s monitoring, controls and support give corporate marketers more insight and influence on how affiliates represent their brand online, freeing up both national marketers and local affiliates to spend more time running their businesses.

Advantages of using our social media marketing automation solution:

  • Gives local affiliates pre-approved branded content with the option to syndicate posts
  • Provides pre-screened trending industry content to build community and engagement
  • Connects all social media accounts and platforms for affiliates and national marketers
  • Reporting for all affiliates and channels comes in one report for national brand managers
  • Local affiliates can manage content, reviews and interaction from a single platform
  • Brandmuscle social media experts manage training, education and support of local affiliates

Affiliates create social media profiles using brand-approved templates, can select from pre-defined content and schedule message deployment in advance without significant input of time or resources.

Affiliates can subscribe to syndicated posts or choose from content libraries relevant to their location and industry to help grow their community and drive fan and follower engagement.

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Libraries of content available to local affiliates can include images, links, videos or documents provided by corporate so your corporate branding comes across just like you want it to on local social media pages.

Local affiliates can easily gauge success by looking at a simplified social dashboard pulling together social analytics from each social media platform as it relates to community growth and audience demographics.



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Benefits of automating local social media marketing
  • Brand compliance
    Create a consistent layer of messaging from national brand to local affiliate.

  • Ease of use
    One centralized platform for affiliates to manage all their social marketing initiatives.

  • Operational efficiency
    Automating social media marketing frees up affiliates to focus on business.

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