Brandmuscle provides unmatched client service and support with our local marketing automation platform to increase your local marketing ROI

A successful local marketing program requires careful planning and strategy. Too often we hear from marketers who purchased “out of the box” ad builder or local marketing automation solutions that failed miserably in the field. At Brandmuscle, we believe in doing “whatever it takes” to become your trusted local marketing partner—not just another software vendor.

We not only provide you with robust technology to make your local marketing more effective and efficient, but also strategic guidance, ongoing training and personalized one-on-one marketing support for your local affiliates. This allows you to ensure local affiliates engage in marketing activities that generate the greatest return.

Following are some of the ways Brandmuscle helps corporate marketers and local affiliates execute more effective marketing programs:

  • Account management
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Program marketing and user adoption
  • 24/7 End-user support
  • Graphic production and design support
  • Media services and local marketing execution
  • Print-on-demand

Account Management – Our Client Service team members hold degrees in marketing or advertising and draw from their professional experience implementing successful solutions for clients in similar industries to make the transition from your current ad creation and management process to our technology-enabled platform easy and hassle-free.

Long after your ad builder solution is up and running, your Client Service support team will be there to provide proactive strategic leadership. We’ll conduct regular account reviews, provide you with ongoing reporting and make recommendations for increasing ROI.

Implementation – You’ll be assigned a dedicated cross-functional team to support the successful implementation of your solution. This team will work with your company’s key stakeholders to complete a thorough needs assessment and then outline a solution for your review and approval. They’ll then lead you through a structured implementation process designed to keep your project on schedule while minimizing the time and effort required from you and your corporate marketing team.

Training – Your account team members will work closely with you to develop ongoing training programs tailored to your individual marketing programs and ad builder solution. Brandmuscle makes training convenient and easy to help maximize adoption. We offer several options including on-site sessions, as well as live and pre-recorded webinars.

Program Marketing and User Adoption – To maximize adoption, we’ll develop marketing campaigns to successfully launch the solution to your local affiliates. We’ll create launch materials and ongoing communication programs to drive local participation – thereby accelerating your ROI.

Reporting – One of the most important aspects of executing a successful local marketing program is measuring ROI. We provide detailed analytics and reporting on demand so you can measure usage and campaign performance. By giving you insight into local marketing activities, you’re able to scale top performing programs across your organization more quickly while eliminating those that underperform.

24/7 End-User Support – Brandmuscle’s Support Center fields both marketing- and technology- related questions from your local affiliates, as well as channel partners. Our Support Team members are trained and well versed not only on Brandmuscle’s ad builder solution, but also on each of our clients’ individual marketing programs and ad builder solutions.

Graphic Production and Design Support – While Brandmuscle does not develop original creative, we are experts at working with our clients and their ad agencies to ensure their creative materials have been optimized for local marketing.

Media Services and Local Marketing Execution – Brandmuscle’s team of local marketing specialists, planners and buyers help your local affiliates identify the best tactics and help them execute more effective local campaigns. Click here to learn more.

Print-On-Demand – Local affiliates can seamlessly deliver materials they've customized to a printer for production, pay for those materials and track their orders – all within the same application. Click here to learn more.

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