Local automotive marketing solutions

Brandmuscle's automotive marketing solutions help leading automotive manufacturers connect more effectively with dealers and consumers in their local markets.

Increase speed-to-market

Make new assets and campaigns immediately available to your local dealers.

Flexibility to localize materials

Empower local dealers with the ability to advertise inventory and pricing that’s effective in their local markets.

More effective use of co-op

Control the way your dealers utilize co-op funds while making the process of using co-op funds easier and hassle-free.

Create local brand presence

Provide your dealers and their agencies with the tools they need to localize advertising to develop deeper one-to-one relationships in the communities they serve without compromising brand integrity.

Improve accuracy

Eliminate costly errors with legal disclaimers, pricing and financing options.

Measure results

Gain visibility into local activity and performance.

Reach more prospects

Empower local dealers with the ability to communicate with prospects and customers using both print and digital media types.

Improve marketing spend

Allocate more of your corporate marketing budget to tactics that drive sales (like buying ads/media) and less to things that don’t (like production, assembly and versioning creative).

Slash production costs

Slash production, assembly and media placement costs while increasing the shelf life and performance of your creative and marketing materials.

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