Distributed local marketing solutions for the convenience store and gas station industry

Convenience stores and gas stations stand to gain considerable revenue from last minute purchase decisions – something that’s heavily influenced by in-store promotional signs advertising the right products and price points within a local market. Historically, the process for ordering in-store point of purchase (P.O.P.) signage has been riddled with inefficiencies, cost overruns, and lengthy turnaround times. Brandmuscle’s digital print on demand (P.O.D.) solution for the C&G industry enables regional or local store representatives to order exactly what they need, in the right quantities and sizes, customized to local tastes, without compromising the integrity of your brand. Whether you have 25 C-stores or 1,000 fuel stations, Brandmuscle’s made-to-order point of purchase signage system enables convenience stores to get meaningful, relevant marketing messages into market within hours versus weeks.

Brandmuscle’s P.O.P. on demand system is used by over 100,000 retailers today to increase speed-to-market, reduce signage and storage costs, ensure brand compliance and drive strategic product sales at the local level. With templates specific to C-stores and fuel stations and access to a dedicated team of designers, Brandmuscle can tailor a program to meet your exact requirements. 

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Brand control

With our P.O.P. on demand solution for the convenience store and gas station industry, you can protect your brand while enabling localization at the store-level that helps drive strategic revenue through last minute purchases.

Legal compliance

Brandmuscle makes it easy for everyone in your C-store marketing stream, including corporate marketers, regional managers and store-level managers, to stay in compliance with brand and legal guidelines. What¹s more, you can activate custom programming for all tiers, not just your best stores, at no additional cost; and you always maintain complete control over access and approval procedures.

Flexibility to localize materials

Empower your local and regional store groups with the ability to produce signage that is more relevant to local market tastes and trends. Activate promotional campaigns in just days to account for inflated inventory or localized seasonal opportunities.

Improve marketing spend & ROI

Spend less, execute more. With Brandmuscle, you can significantly reduce waste and redirect dollars spent on versioning marketing materials towards generating more relevant local marketing campaigns that drive sales. Add to that the reduction in administrative burden to support these programs, and you start saving big dollars.

Increase speed-to-market

With custom, localized marketing that includes downloadable assets, on-demand coupons, direct mail campaigns, sales collateral and in-store signage ready to ship in 48 hours, Brandmuscle helps you launch timely campaigns in local markets to capitalize on events like sports seasons and festivals or to move stagnant inventory before expiration dates.

Measure results

Gain visibility into local marketing activity and performance with on-demand reporting. Understand what your local stores are promoting and how this impacts regional and overall sales.

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