Local distributed marketing solutions for the hospitality industry

Brandmuscle helps leading hotel chains achieve measurable results with online distributed marketing solutions and local marketing strategies that make local advertising quick and easy! Partner with Brandmuscle for our distributed marketing solutions for the hospitality industry. Request a demo of our local marketing solutions for the hotel industry today.

Increase speed-to-market

Make new assets and campaigns immediately available to your local dealers hotel managers.

Flexibility to localize materials

Empower your hotel managers with the ability to advertise special packages, pricing and special events specific to their hotel and local market.

More effective use of co-op

Control the way hotel managers utilize co-op funds while making the process of using co-op funds easier and hassle-free.

Improve legal compliance

Eliminate costly errors and issues with legal disclaimers.

Measure results

Gain visibility into local marketing activity and performance.

Reach more prospects

Empower hotel managers with the ability to communicate with prospects and customers using both print and digital media.

Improve marketing spend

Allocate more of your corporate marketing budget to local marketing tactics that drive sales (like buying ads/media) and less to things that don’t (like production, assembly and versioning creative).

Streamline approval processes

Free up corporate marketing resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day tactical work.

Support B-C and B-B selling

Give your hotel managers access to the right types of advertising, collateral and materials so they can be more effective at selling.

Increase ROI of media spend

Our experienced team of local media planners and buyers will help your hotel managers generate greater return on their media investments.

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