Distributed channel marketing platform for manufacturers

Brandmuscle optimizes sales channel effectiveness with our distributed marketing platform for manufacturers. As a manufacturer, your ability to interact directly with consumers is often limited. If you’re like most manufacturers you rely on a network of non-exclusive channel partners (distributors, dealers, agents or retailers) to represent your brand at the point of sale. Brandmuscle’s distributed marketing solutions enable manufacturers and channel partners to increase market share by helping dealers and distributors generate more business for their companies and yours.

Learn how Brandmuscle optimizes channel marketing for leading manufacturers. Request a demo of our distributed marketing for manufacturers’ solutions today.

More effective use of co-op

Guarantee that co-op and creative investments are driving maximum results.

Motivate your sales channel

Motivate your sales channel to sell more of your products with the right materials, easy-to-use tailoring tools and support from our local marketing specialists. Entice them to push your product lines first and secure more shelf space.

Increase speed-to-market

Make new creative assets and campaigns available to your channel partners immediately to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.

Co-branded materials

Empower channel partners with the ability to create co-branded brochures, collateral, ads, emails and more so they can generate new opportunities for their companies and yours.

Measure results

Gain visibility into channel marketing activity and your local distributed marketing performance.

Reach more prospects

Empower channel partners with the tools and resources they need to communicate with prospects and customers using both print and digital media.

Improve marketing spend

Allocate more of your corporate marketing budget to marketing tactics that drive sales (like buying ads/media) and less to things that don’t (like production, assembly and versioning creative).

Streamline approval processes

Free up corporate marketing resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day tactical work.

Support B-C and B-B selling

Give your channel partners access to the right types of advertising, collateral and materials so they can be more effective at selling.

Slash production costs

Slash production, assembly and media placement costs while increasing the shelf life and performance of your creative and marketing materials.

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