Distributed local marketing solutions for non-profit organizations

As a non-profit organization you need to find the most cost-effective and efficient ways to quickly distribute your message at the local level. Often times you rely on chapters, volunteers or local representatives to create their own materials and the process can be time consuming, inefficient and even frustrating. Distributed local marketing software could be the answer for non-profits. Brandmuscle helps non-profits streamline the local nonprofit marketing process while optimizing efficiency and best-practices sharing. Request a demo of our nonprofit marketing solutions today.

Increase operational efficiency

Free up marketing resources and chapter/local representatives to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day tactical work.

Use cost effective media types

Enable chapter/local representatives to access a wide variety of cost-effective digital media that they can quickly customize and deliver.

Increase speed-to-market

Significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to customize and deliver local marketing materials.

Increase shelf life of creative

Eliminate costly production and storage of non-customizable brochures and materials that quickly become outdated.

Greatly reduce production costs

Reduce production, assembly and placement costs while improving the performance and effectiveness of your local marketing.

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