Local distributed marketing for the consumer packaged goods industry

Marketers within the consumer package goods industry face unique challenges. Brandmuscle delivers the tools and unmatched category experience required to turn these CPG marketing challenges into revenue driving opportunities at the local point of sale.

Generic promotions and in-store campaigns are a thing of the past, but allowing sales channel partners and affiliates at a division, or retail business unit to create their own marketing campaigns risks endangering the brand. When you partner with Brandmuscle, marketing materials and ad campaigns can be developed to suit local markets, while ensuring brand messaging stays consistent across all channels and media types.

Brandmuscle helps leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers optimize local marketing efforts to move products into the consumer¹s hands faster than ever before. Distributed marketing within the consumer packaged goods industry has never been so easy!

Increase speed-to-market

With custom, localized CPG marketing that includes downloadable ads, direct mail campaigns, sales collateral and in-store signage ready to ship in 48 hours, Brandmuscle helps you beat your competitors to market.

Brand control

Brandmuscle delivers consistent branding and messaging regardless of where or by whom the campaign is executed. With our distributed marketing management solution, you can protect your brand while enabling localization at the field-level that helps drive volume at retail. Brandmuscle makes it easy for everyone in your marketing stream, including salespeople, representatives, and third parties, to stay in compliance with brand and legal guidelines. What¹s more, you can activate custom programming for all tiers, not just your best customers, at no additional cost; and you always maintain complete control over access and approval procedures.

Flexibility to localize materials

Empower your sales channel with the ability to produce consumer packaged goods marketing campaigns and materials that are more relevant to local market tastes and trends.

Motivate your sales channel

Motivate your sales channel to sell more of your products vs. the competitors with the right materials, easy-to-use tailoring tools and support from our local marketing experts. Entice them to push your product lines first and win at the local point of sale.

Improve marketing spend & ROI

Spend less, execute more. With Brandmuscle, you can significantly reduce waste and redirect dollars spent on versioning in-store POP, marketing materials and co-branded ads towards generating more relevant local marketing campaigns that drive sales. Add to that the reduction in administrative burden to support these programs, and you start saving big dollars.

Measure results

Gain visibility into local CPG marketing activity and performance with on-demand reporting.

Learn how to own local.
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