Distributed local marketing solutions for telecommunications companies

Brandmuscle helps leading telecommunications companies distribute new creative materials and campaigns to local dealers and retailers with lightning fast speed and accuracy so they can capitalize on opportunities to increase market share. Distributed local marketing within the telecommunications industry has never been so fast and easy!

Brandmuscle’s telecom marketing solutions can help you streamline ad and creative material approval processes, reduce costs, increase speed-to-market and more. Request a demo today and see how our telecom marketing solutions have increased local marketing ROI for leading telecom and wireless service providers and their dealer networks.

Increase speed-to-market

Make new creative assets and marketing campaigns available to local dealers or retailers immediately to capitalize on unique opportunities in the marketplace and to ward off competitive threats.

Flexibility to localize materials

Empower your local dealers and retailers with the ability to match marketing messages with their local merchandise mix. Enable local tailoring of posters, flyers, coupons and in-store promotional materials.

Local sponsorships and event marketing

Help local retailers and dealers increase traffic with local sponsorships, affinity programs and event marketing event kits to cross-promote with other local businesses.

Streamline approval processes

Free up marketing resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day tactical work.

Develop deeper customer relationships

Give local retailers and dealers the tools they need to generate more meaningful, one-to-one marketing communications with their customers and prospects to increase purchase frequency and increase average transaction amounts.

Support B-C and B-B selling

Give your local retailers and dealers access to the right types of advertising, collateral, messaging and materials so they can be more effective at developing relationships with both consumers and local businesses.

Measure results

Gain visibility into local marketing activity and performance.

Increase ROI of media spend

Our experienced team of local media planners and buyers help local retailers and dealers generate greater return on their media investments.

Increase shelf life of creative

Eliminate costly production and storage of non-customizable signage, brochures and POP materials that quickly become outdated.

More effective use of co-op

Control the way your retailers and dealers utilize co-op funds while making the process of using co-op funds easier and hassle-free.

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