More effective distributed marketing: The Brandmuscle difference

Brandmuscle gets you closer to the consumer

The landscape of local marketing is changing. Mobile and social media have combined with traditional marketing pathways to create an exponential number of decision points for consumers. You need a local distributed marketing solution that works harder for you while making it easier on your affiliates. And you need to ensure your message is tailored to local tastes and differences without losing sight of preserving and building brand equity. In short, you need the leadership edge only the new Brandmuscle can deliver a powerful unified platform to drive your message across all possible consumer touchpoints.

Finally, a local affiliate program that actually works

Even the most effective tools are useless if they don’t get used. That’s why Brandmuscle has developed a proprietary suite of user-friendly, easy-to-deploy tools backed up by a responsive nationwide support network. Our fully automated local marketing platform eliminates frustration and complexity. Customization is easy and straightforward, helping reduce the added costs involved in versioning ad creative for local markets. The reimbursement pre-approval and distribution process ensures reimbursement requirements are met and co-op funds are accurately distributed. By empowering local affiliates to create multi-touch digital and print campaigns and materials, Brandmuscle can extend your brand reach further and propel purchases in person, online, by phone or via mobile device—all through a singular one-stop solution.

A strategic weapon to maximize distributed marketing ROI

For global and national brand stewards, the stakes have never been higher. Now, more than ever, all marketing is local. That’s why the new Brandmuscle is such a critical resource. With unmatched capabilities to unleash local marketing as a revenue driver and truly empower local affiliates, Brandmuscle can weaponize your brand in the local arena—and make the most of your brand’s distributed marketing investment.

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